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Parenting coach: How to choose and work with one

May 30, 2024

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If parenting advice was easy, achieving peace and harmony with our children would be a breeze.

We wouldn't need to scour endless shelves of parenting books or embark on countless Google searches, desperately sifting through a sea of information.

But the reality is, the more parenting advice we consume, the more overwhelmed and confused we can often feel.

Does this resonate with you? Are you yearning for a more personalized approach to navigating the complexities of parenthood?

This is where a parenting coach can step in and become your trusted guide.

What’s the role of a parenting coach?

Parenting coaches are partners in your journey as a parent, which means that they provide a supportive and non-judgmental space for you to discuss goals, concerns and challenges.

For example, your child throws frequent tantrums in public, leaving you feeling frustrated and embarrassed.

You’ve tried various known methods like reasoning and time-outs. However, nothing seems to work. That’s when a parenting coach can help you out.

Their expertise lies in helping you:

  • Create a safe and supportive environment where you can openly discuss your concerns;
  • The parenting coach delves deeper, exploring and understanding the behavior and possible reasons behind your child’s tantrums;
  • As a team, you’ll explore strategies based on evidence to address the root cause. For instance, your parenting coach can suggest a calming pre-tantrum routine, techniques for offering positive reinforcements for desired behaviors and other communication strategies;
  • At last, the coach personalizes the strategies to fit your family. Such as your child’s age, temperament, and family dynamics.

To sum up, by choosing to work collaboratively with a parent coach, you can develop a personalized approach to build a stronger and more peaceful relationship with your child.

What makes a good parenting coach?

While certifications and experience are crucial factors when choosing a parenting coach, other qualities contribute to a truly successful coaching experience.

As an example, here's what sets exceptional coaches apart:

  • Deep understanding of family dynamics;
  • Active listening and empathy;
  • Solution-oriented approach;
  • Empowerment and confidence building.

Great parenting coaches don't offer generic advice. They tailor solutions by actively understanding your family's dynamics, communication styles, and challenges.

Above all, they listen deeply, creating a safe space for you to explore emotions and develop personalized strategies to build confidence and navigate challenges.

Finding the perfect fit for all these qualities can feel like searching for a unicorn, can't it?

But don't worry, Littl can help. We have a team of experienced and certified coaches ready to support your unique family needs.

Let's explore some tips to find your perfect fit (and see if Littl might be it!).

How to find the right parenting coach?

As you might know already, a skilled parenting coach can be your guiding light, offering personalized strategies and unwavering support on your parenting journey.

But with so many coaches out there, how do you find the perfect fit for your family?

Here's a step-by-step process, inspired by the qualities of trusted advisors, to help you find a parenting coach you can truly connect with:

  • Define your needs: Before searching, reflect on goals and challenges;
  • Trust your gut:  Feeling comfortable and understood is key;
  • Find the rright fit: Look for coaches who empower and respect you.
  • Credentials matter: Seek certified coaches with relevant experience.
  • Get matched with the best parenting coach for you: There’s a simple way to help you find the perfect match. Take a quiz and answer a few questions to find a trusted and relatable parenting coach who fits your needs and preferences.

Start your coaching journey today! Answer a few quick questions to get matched with the perfect parenting coach for your family.

Our network connects you with trusted professionals who understand your needs and can help you achieve your parenting goals.


What determines a match between parents and parent coaches?

First of all, if you are looking for the right match between your family needs and a parent coach, consider a coach who:

  • Gets you: They seem to understand your family's unique dynamic and challenges effortlessly.
  • Is consistent and reliable: You can depend on them to be there for you, offering support and guidance.
  • Offers new perspectives: They help you see your challenges from different angles, sparking fresh ideas and solutions.
  • Empowers you: They guide you to think through issues yourself, fostering your confidence in making parenting decisions.
  • Offers options and respect: They present various approaches, explain their recommendations, but ultimately respect your choices.
  • Challenges you gently: They nudge you to question your assumptions and consider alternative perspectives in a kind and supportive way.
  • Is honest and direct: They'll tell you straight but with love, even when it's not what you want to hear.
  • Is invested in your journey: They genuinely care about your success as a parent and are committed to your long-term growth.
  • Provides reasoning: They offer explanations and logic behind their suggestions, not just directives.
  • Maintains professionalism: While friendly and approachable, they take the coaching process seriously.
  • Has a sense of humor: They understand the power of humor to alleviate tension during tough parenting moments.

However, the search of finding the perfect parenting coach can be overwhelming. At Littl, we simplify the process.

Our team of experienced, certified coaches gets you and offers personalized guidance to empower you on your parenting journey.

Take the quiz to see if Littl is your perfect fit!

How to know that a parenting coach is trustworthy?

Assessing trustworthiness and finding a parenting coach you can believe might seems like a tiring process.

With so many options, how do you know you can trust a Littl parenting coach to guide you and your family on such an important journey?

To summarize, here are some key factors to consider when evaluating a parenting coach trustworthiness:

  • First, look for a coach with credentials that demonstrates their commitment to professional development and etchcal practices. But, credentials are just as important as experience! So pay attention to their track record and testimonials of working with families facing similar challenges to your own.
  • Another key factor is transparency! Remember that a trustworthy coach will be upfront about their approach, methods and limitations.
  • Let go of the generic advice, a good coach will. A good coach will focus on developing personalized strategies tailored to your family's unique needs and dynamics.
  • The coaching process itself should empower you, not dictate to you. A trustworthy coach acts as a guide, not a dictator.  They should create a safe space for open communication, where you feel comfortable expressing your concerns without judgment

By carefully considering these factors, you can increase your chances of finding a trustworthy parenting coach who can become a valuable asset in your parenting journey.


Finding a trustworthy coach can feel daunting. However, if you look for credentials, experience, and transparency the outcome will be positive.

Remember that a good coach personalizes strategies and empowers you. In short, by considering these factors, you can find a valuable asset for your parenting journey.

Most importantly, are you ready to embark on a more peaceful parenting experience?

Visit Littl's website and answer a few questions to get matched with your ideal coach.

We can help you find the support you deserve to thrive as a parent.  Littl is here for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about parenting coach

Frequently Asked Questions about parenting coach

What should I look for in a parenting coach?

Look for a coach with experience in areas relevant to your challenges. During consultations, consider their communication style and overall approach to see if they feel like a good fit.

How do I find a good parenting coach?

Finding the perfect parent coach can feel overwhelming, but there are several resources available to help you! Here's a breakdown of some popular options:

  • Matching services are an easy way to find the best parenting coach for you and your family. These services specialize in connecting parents with qualified coaches based on their specific needs, goals and preferences.
  • Online directories also list parent coaches with a variety of specialties, locations and experience levels.
  • Moreover, word-of-mouth can help you out. Reach out to your network, talk to friends, family, pediatricians and ask for recommendations on parent coaches in your area.

What it’s the easiest way to find a trustworthy parenting coach?

When considering a potential coach, the journey can be complex and time-consuming. However, there’s a easier and safer way to do it. At Littl, you can find a trustworthy parenting coach following these simple steps:

  • Create a personalized profile, detailing your specific challenges, goals, and preferences.
  • Our advanced algorithm matches you with a certified parenting expert based on your unique needs and experiences.
  • Get to know each other over a free consultation call to make sure they’re a good fit for you.
  • Connect with your coach and work on your goals through one-on-one weekly or biweekly sessions.

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