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Littl works with highly qualified experts. They’re certified, up-to-PhD level and handpicked for their unparalleled skills. They will equip you with actionable strategies that will create short-term wins in your home while building yours and your child's long-term confidence and resilience.

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Diagnoses are helpful, but they’re not the whole story. When it comes to outbursts or meltdowns or tantrums, it’s about intensity, frequency, and duration. They used to happen every week, multiple times a week. Now they every six months.  And so that’s huge. Intensity, frequency, duration, those sorts of things have all come down.

Emily S. - Mom of one

5-star rating

It's about your core values, really understanding and delving into what you want your family to look like and then going about how to do that in ways that work with you and your child. Your parent coach does the work of looking at experts and different families and experiences and tailors it to you. It's about being on a journey with somebody that is there for both you and your kid and define the right way for it.

Kirsti G. - Mom of one

5-star rating

Littl was game changing for our family. Our expert guided us in choosing practical strategies for our family's reality, focusing on our strengths. My partner and I communicate better and understand our family dynamics better. The sessions provided a supportive environment where we felt heard and encouraged. I feel like I now have the tools I needed, which makes me hopeful and more connected to my son.

Josh K. - Dad of two


Littl gives you the tools 🛠️ to understand what success looks like for your family and help you make changes that work 💜 for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Littl approach different from everything else out there?

Every family is different and we have to change the expectation that parents are supposed to find all the answers on their own. Littl is the most tailored support-hub for modern parents to navigate parenthood with confidence, without feeling stressed and overwhelmed, without being judged, and without reading dozens of generic books or wasting hours on research that leads nowhere.

The uniqueness of each family should be celebrated, this is why we offer personalized support, adapted to the specific needs, challenges and goals of parents. This personalized approach ensures families receive advice, strategies and resources that directly address their individual circumstances, promoting a feeling of empowerment and confidence in their parenting journey.

What if I want to switch experts?

No problem at all! Even though we are able to provide a successful match most of the time, we know things change. Finding the right person is key to help you achieve your goals and we’re happy to help you find a new match at no extra cost!

How much does it cost per session?

Pricing varies according to level of expertise and seniority. Session prices range from $150 to $300 when private, $100 to $200 when in a group.

That being said, our priority and mission is to support you and your family. If pricing is a concern, please let us know and we can discuss options.

Is Littl accessible for parents with busy schedules?

Absolutely! We understand time is a valuable and limited resource for parents. We’re happy to adjust to your schedule constraints.