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✦ Our mission

Parenting is the most important role of our lives, and our mission is to ensure parents feel supported in their journey

Our Values
✦  Empathy
Every family is unique. We approach each situation with empathy and understanding, tailoring our support to meet individual needs and challenges.
✦  Compassion
Our genuine desire to alleviate the challenges parents face is the cornerstone of the support we offer, fostering a safe and nurturing environment where families can thrive
✦  Realistic Hope
We believe in navigating the present grounded in reality while maintaining a positive outlook for the future, whatever it may hold
✦  Trust
Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship. We honor this by acting with integrity and transparency, providing reliable guidance and support
✦  Generational Impact
We believe in the ripple effect of our actions. By supporting parents today, we're not just making a difference in their lives but also shaping the future for generations to come
✦ Why Littl

We fit into your family's reality so we can create sustainable and lasting change

Children are the future and our most precious treasure

Every moment of childhood shapes who children will become. We guide parents in nurturing these crucial moments for lifelong impact and success.

Generic and conflicting advice is not the answer

All families are different. We focus on and celebrate individuality to offer the most personalized support every step of the way.

Successfully raising a child is a collective effort

It's time to shift away from expecting parents to handle everything on their own. We offer the support needed to navigate parenthood successfully.

✦ Meet the founders

Arthur and Patricia founded Littl to provide an innovative and unique approach to parent support, one that results in the best outcomes for children and families

Arthur Sousa
Arthur Sousa
Chief Executive Officer
Patricia Autran
Patricia Autran
Chief Marketing Officer
Arthur and Patricia have known each other for more than 10 years, previously built a successful business together, and have partnered up again to make a generational impact through Littl.

Littl was born from a combination of shared personal and professional experiences and an eagerness to change the expectation that, even though parenting is such a crucial role for the future of society, parents are left to learn as they go, with almost no support to set them up for success, often forced to rely on conflicting and generic advice seen on social media.
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Littl empowers parents to become the best versions of themselves, through personalized coaching from reliable experts

Real and actionable solutions, from trusted experts, for families like yours
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